Ensuring Corporate and Legal Compliance

Most organizations have internal corporate safety policies and may also be required to adhere to guidelines set by government agencies. inthinc compliance solutions are designed to work hand-in-hand with commercial fleets to ensure fulfillment with internal and external regulations, while also improving fleet productivity and reducing operational costs.

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The inthinc Advantage

The digital compliance solution that ensures fleets are updated, compliant and automatically reporting with the latest legal and corporate regulations. Increase productivity and reduce operational costs by eliminating paperwork and streamlining driver training.

Typical Customer Results:

Reduction in Seat Belt Violations
Reduction in Violation Fines
Reduction in Idle Time
Reduction in Carbon Emissions

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  • Seat Belt Use Alerts

    Seat Belt Use Alerts:

    Ensure drivers are wearing a seat belt while driving by sending alerts to drivers and managers alike.

    Driver fastening seat belt
  • Driver/Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

    Driver/Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR):

    Create fully customizable vehicle inspection checklists for operators to complete electronically.

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    Screenshot of pre-trip inspection form
  • Idle Monitoring and Alerts

    Idle Monitoring and Alerts:

    Monitor idling behaviors of drivers and identify those who are not in compliance with corporate policy.

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    Chart showing idling
  • Electronic Hours-of-Service Logs

    Electronic Hours-of-Service Logs:

    Avoid hassles associated with erroneous paper logs while eliminating timely administrative overhead.

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    Hours of Service log screenshot
  • Automated IFTA Tax Reporting

    Automated IFTA Tax Reporting:

    Capture when vehicles cross state lines and calculate appropriate tax amount for gallons consumed versus gallons purchased.

    Sample IFTA Tax Report spreadsheet
  • Vehicle Inspection Alerts

    Vehicle Inspection Alerts:

    Send timed checklist alerts to remind drivers of pre/post-trip instructions and inspection requirements.

    Screenshot of pre-trip inspection form
  • Crash History/Notifications

    Crash History/Notifications:

    Receive detailed reports of crashes including vehicle speed, GPS location, vehicle direction and RPM's recorded 20 seconds before and 10 seconds after a crash. Immediate notification of crash event is sent via text, e-mail or phone call.

    Screenshot of crash report
  • CSA Compliance

    CSA Compliance:

    inthinc supports many of the major CSA "Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories" or "BASICs".

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    Chart showing how inthinc supports CSA compliance
  • Work Alone Timer

    Work Alone Timer:

    Allow drivers to set up timers warning management if they do not return to the vehicle within a given time frame.

    Screenshot of setting up a Work Alone Timer
  • smartZones™


    Draw geo-fences around regions or sites to enforce customizable attributes including speed limits and hazard warnings.

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    Screenshot showing smartZone setup