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Based on the driver performance "score" in the management portal, the inthinc Drive for 5.0™ program, helps facilitate and promote company-wide adoption of safety and cost savings initiatives. Drivers achieve a 5.0 score by consistently driving the speed limit, wearing their seat belt and avoiding aggressive driving maneuvers. The Drive for 5.0 program helps managers and drivers understand the benefits and purpose of the inthinc technology by providing communications templates and other support materials containing messages from senior management that promote safer driving habits and teach tips for higher productivity (such as reducing idle time). With ongoing reinforcement, Drive for 5.0 supports management's efforts to successfully introduce, build and manage their enterprise safety program.

Benefits of Drive for 5.0

  • Bridges the gap of communication between management and drivers
  • Helps drivers understand the company's specific safety and cost savings goals
  • Supports managers as they introduce the inthinc solution to their drivers
  • Helps establish driver/operator accountability
  • Promotes morale building across the organization
  • Reinforces and promotes a culture of safety

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