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Automotive Fleet - Fleet Feedback on Telematics

01/25/2013 - By Lauren Fletcher,

Total Vehicles: 10,000+
Provider: inthinc

Innovative Use: “With inthinc verbal coaching, our drivers receive audible alerts in real-time when performing unsafe driving maneuvers including speeding, aggressive acceleration or braking, hard turns, hard bumps, or failure to wear their seat belt," said Josh Moore, Cintas project manager. "For events, such as speeding and seat belt use, drivers are given a grace period to correct the unsafe action before the violation is recorded in the Management Portal where I and other fleet managers can view both fleet and driver performance. By sending our drivers those immediate verbal alerts, we are proactively correcting unsafe driving habits and improving the safety of our fleet."

Management Buy-in: According to Moore, inthinc was well received by management following a successful pilot program ran in its Uniform Rental division.

"During that period, our vehicle incident rate drop by 46 percent, our seat-belt use improved by 89 percent, and idle time and fuel use dropped substantially," Moore explained. "For driver buy-in, we try to stress the importance of safety and remind them that the system is there to help them get home to their families unharmed. What we found appealing about inthinc is that we can give our drivers a 15-second grace period to correct unsafe driving behaviors, with no consequence. And rather than using the inthinc system to solely crack down on unsafe driving, we adopted an aggressive safety campaign and incentives program to recognize the safe drivers and we reward them with various prizes and giveaways."