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Barrick 2011 Responsibility Report Now Available

06/14/2012 - Barrick’s highly successful Courageous Leadership program continued in 2011. This program is a fundamental building block of Barrick’s Safety and Health Management System. Regular training sessions were held in each region for new workers and for all workers at new projects. Refresher training courses continued as well.

Visible Felt Leadership is critical for success and was a focus in 2011. Managers and supervisors are active in the field, coaching and mentoring employees and discussing safety to reinforce the message that “no job is worth doing in an unsafe way”. The focus is making sure things are right and, when things aren’t right, helping people get it right.

Operating mobile equipment remains Barrick’s highest safety incident category. Therefore, we continued our focus on safe driving in 2011. Barrick invested $16 million to install real-time driver improvement devices, called Inthinc, in company vehicles worldwide. By year end, implementation was over 80 percent complete. The driver coaching devices alert the driver with a voice message if a vehicle operates unsafely or outside a set of parameters, giving the driver up to 15 seconds to correct the unsafe behaviour before reporting the activity to a supervisor. The devices also alert a driver if the seatbelt is not in use, as well as if the vehicle is operated in an aggressive manner (hard turns, abrupt starts or stops). The devices have proven to be useful for coaching drivers and encouraging safe driving behaviours. In 2011, sites with the Inthinc device installed had an 80 percent decrease in speeding events in company vehicles. Overall, there was a 65 percent decrease in high potential driving incidents from 2010, after installation of the coaching devices.

We have also identified ground falls as one of Barrick’s top safety risks. A number of fatal accidents from falling ground have occurred in the mining industry, including one within Barrick this year and three at a Barrick site in 2010. A Ground Control Standard has now been developed. The Standard is based on a set of principles and expectations that set the standards all sites must meet. Audits for compliance with the Standard are scheduled throughout 2012.