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Coolest gizmo - CES 2010: Monitoring Teen Driving

01/11/2010 -

As a parent, the hardest thing to let your teen touch would be the steering wheels. Once he sits behind it, images of drunk driving teens suddenly flood you and cause panic attacks. That is normal, every single parent experiences that in their lifetime. Sure, you could teach them when to slow down and when to speed up but that is if you are with them. What happens now as soon as you leave them alone in the company of their friends? Gah! Panic! For new drivers, the Tiwi is the device for you.

Tiwi is a device that is mounted on the left part of the car's windshield. What it does is simple - monitor your child all the way. The device knows when your son is driving beyond your set limit and it automatically prompts him about it. It also records a hard turn, brake or gas. It gives your child a recorded message reminding him about it. If he ignores it, it will automatically prompt you, the parent, via an automatic e-mail. It also has GPS which the parent can access even if he is not inside the car. This would allow you to track down where your child really is. It is also so smart that the company thought of integrating it to the car's diagnostics and it records (and prompts your child again) when he is not wearing his seatbelt.

The Tiwi retails at $299. The price may seem kind of expensive but if it is the price you have to pay to gain peace of mind, then so be it. However, expect hours of negotiation between you and your child on when you can take Tiwi off. He really would hate having someone to tell him to slow down when he is with his girlfriend, right?