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Deseret News - Stop Being Idle

10/14/2011 - As I commute back and forth from Salt Lake City each day, it has become increasingly obvious just how much pollution is settling in the valley, especially on those hot summer days. One day, in particular, I recall the smog being so bad the Wasatch Mountains had become invisible from the I-15 freeway. I believe this is a problem that we as a state can solve together.For the last decade I was an idler. That is until one morning when I picked up my son from school and was informed by a UtahCleanCities representative of the impact my idling has on the environment.

It is time for citizens and business owners to be accountable for the pollution they contribute. Groups such as UtahCleanCities are hard at work, influencing motorists to cut down on idling. I am proud to see Utah legislators working together on an ordinance to limit idling time for motorists. Local businesses like inthinc Technology Solutions Inc. have worked to create viable options for commuting drivers and fleet managers to cut down on emissions while also saving money. To me this seems like a win-win situation. May we all consider how much of an impact we individually have on the environment and take steps to cutting down on our idling time.

Salt Lake City