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Gadgets Guru - GPS Device Monitors to Track in Teen Driving

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January 11, 2010 12:52:06 PM


Active GPS personal monitoring tracking device allows you to monitor a vehicle at all times. You can see where it is in real time. You can also look at history; where the vehicle was, how long it was there, how fast it was going. Active GPS tracking can notify you if the vehicle is involved in an accident or if it leaves a specific geographic area.

The Informer is an active device personal monitoring device that allows you to monitor your spouse in real time. It can alert you when something is wrong and provide a complete history. It can also be set to monitor details like seatbelt usage and speeding.

SPRING LAKE, Michigan Speed, inexperience and distraction are key risk factors in most teen accidents. From the moment a teen backs out of the driveway, the Lemur Autovision electronic keychain is capturing driving data.

The on-board sensor records maximum speed, total distance, and any excessive braking. The keychain LCD displays this data in an easy-to-read format.When a teen returns the keys, parents can immediately review how safely their son or daughter is driving.It is all there, in the palm of their hand.

Corinne Fortenbacher, the president of Rookie Driver.Net, has just begun marketing the Lemur Autovision on their website and sees the product as a great new tool to help parents improve safety for their teen drivers.

As Inthinc CEO Todd Follmer explains (scroll down to listen to interview), the device can track the car speed and location and the speed limit. The Tiwi, which has a GPS and cellular modem, will use voice to tell the driver when to slow down. The device is also integrated into the vehicle's diagnostic port so it knows if the driver has his or her seat belt on. There is also an accelerometer that can sense a hard acceleration, hard stop or hard turn. If your son or daughter responds to the device coaching by slowing down or putting on a seat belt, nothing else happens but if they ignore the coaching, the device sends a notification to the company's portal which in turn notifies the parent via e-mail, text message or phone.