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Green Technology World - inthinc's waySmart Solution Enhances Driver Safety, Fuel Efficiency for Fleets

04/16/2012 - By Carolyn J Dawson

inthinc Technology Solutions, Inc. recently announced it established that driver habits are closely connected to fleet operational cost savings. The company’s waySmart solution, designed to effectively improve driver safety, fleet management and compliance, allows fleet owners to optimize fuel efficiency by 20 percent, while reducing their maintenance costs at the same rate.

Since the solution ensures policy compliance, fleets can avoid incurring costly penalties and fines.

"Fleet owners from all over the globe have turned to inthinc for a fleet management solution that will not only save lives, but improve their bottom line,” said Todd Follmer, inthinc CEO. “With data collected from tens-of-thousands of vehicles using our technology for the past six years, we have proven to dramatically improve driving behavior, leading to fewer crashes, better fuel economy and safer, more productive drivers."

According to an AAA report, costs associated to accidents amount to more than 164 billion dollars each year. inthinc’s technology solutions however, let fleets avoid collision costs, as it offers real-time in-cab verbal alerts to drivers anytime they speed, drive aggressively, or don’t wear a seat belt. By ensuring that drivers incorporate safer driving habits, fleet managers can reign in speeding and aggressive driving, and ensure substantial fuel efficiency while reducing instances of accidents.

"While working for 34 years at one of the largest mining companies in the world, we achieved a 77-percent reduction in driver incidents in one year after installing inthinc technology across our fleets,” said Bruce Huber, new vice president of safety at inthinc. “By improving driver behavior, we were not only able to protect the lives of our drivers, but save money on fuel and maintenance costs as well."

The waySmart solution also allows fleet managers to continuously monitor fleet vehicles via satellite and cellular based tracking, which helps cut down on unauthorized trips and add to company productivity.