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Los Angeles Times - Innovation doesn't always carry a big brand name

01/09/2010 -

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, some of the small companies offer a big dose of fun or functionality.

Tiwi:Responsible parents talk to their teenagers about safe driving, but why bother when a gadget can do it for them?

Tiwi is a windshield-mounted device that issues vocal messages when drivers speed, accelerate like a drag racer, slam on the brakes or engage in other forms of aggressive driving. Aimed at teens, the GPS-equipped device, which receives not only location data but also the speed limit for the road the car is on, also sends parents updates -- by phone, text message or e-mail -- about the user's location and driving behavior.

The price of constant surveillance isn't cheap: $299, plus a $40 monthly service charge.


Times staff writer Michelle Maltais contributed to this report.,0,2536466.story?page=2