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Refrigerated Transporter - inthinc Portal centralizes fleet, safety management

03/04/2011 - inthinc Technology Solutions Inc has introduced the new inthinc Portal for its driver safety and fleet management systems. The web-based reporting system provides commercial fleets a way to increase driver safety and manage organizational compliance by monitoring speed, aggressive driving, seatbelt use, idle time, and other risky or inefficient driving behavior.

Developed in part to help commercial fleet owners meet the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) standards defined by the US Department of Transportation, the Portal collects behavioral data from devices (inthinc’s waySmart and tiwiPro) in individual vehicles. Data is then analyzed to generate driver “scores” in real time, providing fleet managers with the information they need to reward top drivers—or determine the area of additional training needed for low-performing drivers. The portal also collects GPS information so fleet managers can see driver location in real time.

Some of the features the Portal offers include:

•Real-time dashboards—Driver safety and performance monitoring on both an individual or team basis.

•Real-time GPS vehicle trip data or “breadcrumbing”—Immediate insight into route detours or instances of unsafe driving behavior.

•Live fleet view—Driver proximity to defined locations as well as time spent at a particular location.

•Fuel efficiency (mpg) data—Understanding of how vehicle use and speed can be optimized to reduce fuel costs.

•Stop Report—Insight into when vehicles arrived at a destination, when they departed, how long they were there, and both the idle and “wait” time associated with each stop.

•IFTA fuel tax reporting—Automated reports to aid commercial fleets in tax reporting.

•Hours of service logs: Electronic HOS log reporting available to help organizations comply with federal regulations.

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