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TMCnet - inthinc Telematics Solutions Gain Ground Among Oil and Gas Corporations

11/08/2011 - inthinc Technology Solutions, a telematics company speciazling in fleet management and driver safety solutions, announced that its services and solutions are very popular among oil and gas corporations.

According to company sources, inthinc offers these companies and their vendors’ solutions to optimally manage their fleets, improve safety, and meet compliance requirements irrespective of rugged and remote conditions.

In a release Todd Follmer, CEO, inthinc Technology Solutions said, “inthinc has a long history in the oil and gas industry. We didn’t adapt our technology to ‘work’ for oil and gas companies; we sat down with oil and gas companies to specifically develop a solution to meet their needs more than ten years ago. And we continue to collaborate with these corporations to anticipate and solve the operational and safety challenges they face as their business evolves.”

inthinc waySmart serves as a comprehensive fleet management and driver safety solution that helps fleet managers monitor driver behavior with features such as GPS-based vehicle and trip tracking, in-cab verbal coaching alerts for speeding, idling, seat belt use, aggressive and fatigued driving.

Officials added that waySmart leverages satellite communication or uses cellular signals to let fleet managers monitor vehicles globally with real-time incident notification even if the service locations were remote.

inthinc also features electronic Hours-of-Service logs and other features using which oil and gas companies can maintain compliance with CSA criteria outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and other regulatory and internal compliance requirements.

All this information is made available in real-time via satellite or cellular connection or may be downloaded later via Wi-Fi connection, explained officials.

The telematics devices leverage inthinc smartZones technology which lets managers create customized geo-zones around any region and assign custom attributes like speed limits and idle monitoring within each zone. This enhances driving and reduces risky behavior.

smartZones provide managers with automated text or email alerts when drivers enter and exit a defined region, besides alerting managers if drivers commit a violation within the defined boundaries.

Recently, inthinc introduced new technology that speaks to drivers when their vehicles are left idling for too long as part of its tiwiPro and waySmart fleet management solutions.

Shamila Janakiraman is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Shamila’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell