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Trucking Info - inthinc Adds Touchscreen to Commercial Driving Safety Solution

01/05/2011 -

inthinc Technology Solutions Inc. has introduced a touchscreen driver interface that works in conjunction with the company's waySmart commercial driving safety solution. The touchscreen can be used in place of the handheld keypad interface and provides a user-friendly graphical interface, minimizing user interaction to maintain a driver's concentration on the road.

Features of the touchscreen include:
* A new graphical user interface
* Sleek design that is easy to mount and manage in the truck
* Displayed hours-of-service logging and reporting with alerts when approaching time limits
* Constant display of posted speed limit
* Support for multiple languages

"We have created an electronic log system the way only a safety company can," said Todd W. Follmer, CEO of inthinc Technology Solutions. "Our touchscreen provides all the functionality that will be needed for CSA 2010 compliance but does so with minimal driver interference so their attention remains on the road."

inthinc waySmart is a comprehensive driving safety system that changes driver behavior in real time to improve safety and fleet efficiency. A unique combination of in-vehicle driver alerts, vehicle location and diagnostics, and fleet management provide detail performance and trends for individual drivers or the entire fleet.

The touchscreen is now available with inthinc waySmart driving safety systems. Current waySmart customers can upgrade their existing handheld key pad interface.

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