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Blood Systems Focuses on Driver Safety with inthinc tiwiPro

SALT LAKE CITY - 04/06/2011 - inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a global telematics company centered on fleet management and driving safety solutions, today announced that Blood Systems, one of the largest blood service providers in the nation, is leveraging inthinc tiwiPro™ to reduce fuel costs and assure safe driving behavior across their fleet of commercial vehicles. The tiwiPro driving safety system was implemented in Blood Systems vans, pick-up trucks, mini-vans and buses to (1) ensure the company's drivers maintained an accident-free record and (2) gain insight into vehicle performance and efficiency.

"More than 15 million people across the United States depend on the blood services our organization provides - and our vehicles are a critical component to how we accomplish our mission," said Shane Whitten, corporate safety and fleet manager, Blood Systems. "tiwiPro helps our drivers maintain a high standard of safety and gives management the insight they need to monitor operational costs with regard to fuel consumption and vehicle utilization."

After one month of using the tiwiPro system, Whitten recorded significant savings in fuel consumption and a reduction in miles driven.

In addition to GPS capabilities to help fleet dispatch and location monitoring, the inthinc tiwiPro driving safety system also provides real-time, in-cab driver safety alerts verbally notifying drivers if any speed limits are exceeded or if their seatbelt isn't fastened, for example.

Click here to read the complete case study describing how Blood Systems used inthinc tiwiPro to optimize fleet operations.

About Blood Systems

Blood Systems ( is one of the largest and oldest blood service providers in the nation. Its non-profit community blood centers, which include United Blood Services, Blood Centers of the Pacific and Inland Northwest Blood Center, provide blood, blood components and special services to patients in more than 500 hospitals in 18 states.

About inthinc

inthinc is a global company centered on telematics, fleet solutions and driving safety. Its breakthrough driving safety solutions are designed to safeguard lives, save money and protect the environment. inthinc technology dramatically improves driver behavior and has been documented to reduce accidents by more than 80 percent. For more information, please visit