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Boart Longyear Enhances Fleet Safety with inthinc waySmart, Reducing Speeding by 92 Percent

SALT LAKE CITY - 03/06/2013 - inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a global provider of telematics, fleet management and driver safety solutions, today announced Boart Longyear Limited (ASX: BLY), the world's leading provider of mineral exploration drilling services and products, has selected inthinc waySmart® to support the company's fleet safety initiative. With waySmart, Boart Longyear is able to track fuel usage, view GPS-based trip details and provide their drivers with real-time, in-cab verbal coaching and alerts for speeding, seat belt use, excessive idling and other aggressive driving behaviors.

Boart Longyear selected waySmart following a successful pilot project conducted at multiple Boart Longyear sites. After seeing significant improvements in driver safety - including a 92 percent reduction in speeding, 88 percent reduction in aggressive driving events, and 76 percent increase in seatbelt use - Boart Longyear has chosen to deploy the inthinc waySmart® solution across its Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

"Safety is an integral part of our core values at Boart Longyear," said Kent Adamson, vice president of environmental, health and safety at Boart Longyear. "As a company, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees and customers and inthinc has the proven technology to help us achieve a safe and efficient work environment."

With inthinc, Boart Longyear will have real-time insight into fleet activity and performance through the Management Portal. Using integrated GPS tracking and telematics capabilities, fleet managers can see, for example, where each vehicle is located, where drivers stopped, the duration of their stop, and how long it takes each driver to get from one location to another throughout the entire route. This allows Boart Longyear to respond quickly to any emergencies and communicate any potential delays to customer sites in a timely manner. The portal also shows any safety alerts during the route such as speeding, hard braking or other risky driving behavior.

The waySmart solution is ideal for global mining or drilling corporations because of its Iridium-based satellite communications connectivity available for workers in remote areas. inthinc technology also allows these companies to create smartZones - or customized geo-fences - around mining sites, blast zones, or drill rigs alerting drivers when they approach a hazardous area.

"Global organizations like Boart Longyear need a solution that fits the unique needs of their industry in terms of fleet accessibility and driver performance, " said Skip Kinford, executive vice president at inthinc. "We are proud to support their driver safety initiative and work with them to increase fuel efficiency and contribute to further reducing other fleet operational costs."

About Boart Longyear

With over 120 years of expertise, Boart Longyear is the world's leading provider of drilling services, drilling equipment, and performance tooling for mining and drilling companies globally. It also has a substantial presence in energy, mine de-watering, oil sands exploration, and production drilling.

Boart Longyear is a global company headquartered in SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, USA, and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in Sydney, Australia. Sales in 2012 were over US$2 billion, and the company employs approximately 8,500 employees worldwide. Contract drilling services are conducted in over 40 countries, and drilling products are manufactured in six global factories and sold to our customers in the 100+ countries where they operate.

About inthinc

inthinc is a global company centered on telematics, fleet management and driver safety solutions. Its breakthrough technologies are designed to safeguard lives, save money and protect the environment. inthinc technology has been documented to reduce accidents by 90 percent, reduce speeding by 86 percent, decrease maintenance costs by 20 percent and reduce fuel costs. For more information, please visit

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