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Commercial Fleets Reduce Idle Time by 53% with inthinc Idle Monitoring and Alerts

SALT LAKE CITY - 03/27/2013 - inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a global provider of telematics, fleet management and driver safety solutions, has helped commercial fleets reduce idle time by 53 percent and carbon emissions by 30 percent on average with its Idle and Monitoring and Alerts solution - saving thousands of dollars on wasted fuel and helping to improve air quality.

Available on inthinc TiwiPro™, Idle Monitoring and Alerts allows fleet managers to monitor vehicle idling and set timed alerts to drivers when they have been idling beyond a set threshold. Drivers are given a 15-second grace period to comply or a notification is sent wirelessly to fleet managers via the Management Portal.

"We are setting up a program based on inthinc reporting and driver scores which eliminates aggressive driving habits leading to a reduction in wasted fuel," said Dee Hayes, Operations Coordinator for McCall Services. "And an additional benefit is reducing the impact on the environment - which is a large part of our company's culture."

inthinc Idle Monitoring and Alerts can be modified to match the needs of each fleet. In addition to adjustable time limit alerts, managers may choose to monitor idling based on gear position - eliminating idle time attributed to traffic and stop lights. With inthinc smartZones®, geo-fences may be drawn around defined areas and assigned different time limits.

"Our enhanced format of Idle Monitoring allows the manager to define what idling is and how they wish to measure it," said inthinc chief technology officer, Corey Catten. "We can monitor low idle versus high idle with extreme accuracy and assign different time limits for different areas - saving a significant amount in fuel and maintenance costs."

In support of anti-idling initiatives, inthinc now a proud sponsor of Utah Clean Cities, a coalition of the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities Initiative, working to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, develop regional economic opportunities, and improve air quality.

To learn more about inthinc Idle Monitor and Alerts, click here.

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