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inthinc blastZone™ technology Improves Fleet Safety for Mining Companies

SALT LAKE CITY - Jan. 13, 2011 - inthinc Technology Solutions Inc. (, developer of technologies to improve driving safety, today announced its new blastZone™ technology. With this new feature - now available as part of the inthinc waySmart™ fleet safety system - mining companies can receive real-time tracking and instant alerts for vehicles operating in open pit mining blast zones.

When a mining company is planning a detonation, their dispatch can easily create a blast zone map through the online inthinc portal. In one click, the manager can instantly see the location of every vehicle in the fleet and determine whether any of the trucks are in the blast zone. For drivers, if their vehicle is currently in - or at any time enters - the blast zone, the in-cab waySmart device will alert them. They can then communicate with dispatch for safe exit instructions.

"It can be a complicated and time-consuming process to clear multiple mining vehicles away from a blast zone via radio," said Todd Follmer, CEO of inthinc. "The blastZone technology raises the safety level at mining sites by giving companies real-time vehicle positioning and real-time warnings for drivers regarding the time and location of a planned detonation. This simplifies the process of clearing a blast zone and gives dispatchers 100 percent confidence that every vehicle and every driver is safe and accounted for."

inthinc waySmart is a comprehensive driving safety system that changes driver behavior in real time to improve safety and fleet efficiency. A unique combination of in-vehicle driver alerts, vehicle location and diagnostics, and fleet management provide detailed performance and trends for individual drivers or the entire fleet. This has been proven to deliver immediate results including fewer accidents, improved fuel efficiency, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and millions of dollars in reduced costs per year.