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inthinc Helps Commercial Motor Vehicle Carriers Measure Up to CSA

SALT LAKE CITY - 02/09/2011 - inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a global company centered on telematics, fleet solutions and driving safety, today announced its driver behavior solutions are uniquely positioned to help companies satisfy the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) national safety program called Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA).

The objective of the program is to raise the bar on driver behavior and safety and reduce commercial motor vehicle crashes, fatalities and injuries on U.S. highways. inthinc helps large truck carriers and bus operators become compliant with CSA regulations with practical and proven solutions that have been dramatically improving fleet safety and efficiency for years.

"At inthinc, we whole heartedly agree with the concept that focusing on the behavior of the driver can improve road safety," said Todd Follmer, CEO of inthinc Technology Solutions. "The technology we have been providing for years to oil and gas, heavy industrial and commercial fleets align with the objectives of CSA. We can help fleet managers ensure compliance while improving safety and reducing operational costs."

inthinc covers the BASICs

At the heart of the CSA regulations are seven Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs), which represent behaviors that can lead to crashes. The BASICs include:

  • Unsafe Driving
  • Fatigued Driving (Hours-of-Service)
  • Driver Fitness
  • Controlled Substances/Alcohol
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Cargo-Related
  • Crash Indicator

inthinc technology is designed to mentor drivers in real time with in-cab verbal coaching. It warns drivers when they are speeding, driving aggressively or not wearing a seatbelt. inthinc also eliminates distracted driving related to phone calls, emails, texting and smartphone apps via technology that limits cell phone usage while the vehicle is in motion.
inthinc customer results include:

  • 90% reduction in speeding violations
  • 89% reduction in aggressive driving behaviors
  • 73% increase in seatbelt usage
  • 80% improvement in crash rates

Fatigued Driving includes violations of regulations pertaining to logbooks as they relate to HOS (hours of service) requirements and the management of driver fatigue.

inthinc addresses this with its electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) to maintain accurate HOS logs, which automatically track driving time and other operational information. This simplifies the record keeping for drivers, provides real-time driver management for fleet supervisors and allows organizations to be more efficient in overall fleet management.

The Crash Indicator requirement relies on histories or patterns of high crash involvement, including frequency and severity. inthinc solutions include a crash data recorder that reveals vehicle performance - including vehicle speed - before and after a crash. Organizations can see the events and variables leading up to an accident to aid in crash reconstruction as well as determine exact time and location of the incident.

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About inthinc
inthinc is a global company centered on telematics, fleet solutions and driving safety. Its breakthrough driving safety solutions are designed to safeguard lives, save money and protect the environment. inthinc technology dramatically improves driver behavior and has been documented to reduce accidents by more than 80 percent. For more information, please visit