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inthinc Introduces waySmart for Fleet Driving Safety

SALT LAKE CITY - JUNE 23, 2008 - inthinc, the leading provider of driving safety solutions, today announced the waySmart™ 820 RTS (Real Time Safety) solution designed to create immediate, dramatic improvements in driving behavior of commercial fleet drivers.

"WaySmart is quite simply the most comprehensive and versatile in-cab mentoring system solution ever developed for commercial fleet vehicles," said Todd Follmer, CEO of inthinc. "Early users of the waySmart 820 RTS system include some of the world's most safety-conscious companies. They have seen how truly effective this system is by reducing accidents more than 80 percent while saving companies millions of dollars."

Real-time, in-cab alerts are delivered to drivers to let them know when they are conducting unsafe driving behavior; these alerts prompt them to discontinue actions such as seatbelt violations, aggressive driving and speeding. The system also provides the most flexible set of control and management tools for companies to account for assets and the driving records of employees. Management can streamline business with access to the fleet's latest data at any time through a user-friendly Web interface called GAIN® (Global Access Information Network).

The result is a safety solution that has proven to quickly deliver unprecedented results such as:

  • 73% increase in seatbelt usage
  • 86% reduction in speeding violations
  • 89% reduction in aggressive driving behaviors
  • In heavy commercial trucks, a reduction from 2.63 crashes to .23 average per million miles.

The product comes equipped with a hand-held device used to provide verbal and text communication from the driver to the company. Messages and functions such as vehicle speed, location, DOT Hours of Service regulations and other information are displayed for the driver and management as needed.

A variety of reports are available to notify management regarding performance, vehicle positioning and trends. Additionally, if desired, management can receive real-time alerts via phone call, text message or email regarding certain infractions or incidents such as an accident.

Beyond the in-cab mentoring to improve safety, waySmart combines several innovations into a complete package. These safety features include:

Speed By Street™tracks speed limits on individual roads to know how fast a vehicle should be driving.

  • waySmart™ Zones (advanced geo-fencing)
  • SAE J211-compliant crash data recorder
  • Automated reporting for instant feedback and trend analysis

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