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Paramedics Plus Chooses inthinc Solution for Nationwide Fleet

After a year of successful deployment, the decision was made to deploy inthinc’s driver safety solution fleetwide.


11/04/2016 - inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a global telematics provider offering market leading solutions focused on driver safety, fleet efficiency, and compliance today announced their continued relationship with Paramedics Plus, servicing telematics needs for their entire nationwide fleet.

Paramedics Plus is committed to creating long-term EMS partnerships by delivering efficient, innovative emergency care. Their commitment to their customers is as strong as their commitment to their EMS professionals  - Paramedics Plus is a long-established leader in safety and efficiency.

This announcement, made in partnership with Paramedics Plus, is made after one year of successful deployment of the inthinc driver safety solution in a section of their overall fleet. Paramedics Plus chose inthinc as their telematics provider to lend insight into best driver safety practices for their growing fleet.


The Sunstar Paramedics fleet sector was the first to install the inthinc solution in 2015. Overseen by Mark Postma, Chief Operating Officer of Sunstar and Vice President of Paramedics Plus, this solution showed great improvement in overall driver safety, and great potential for company-wide benefits.


“The safety benefits we saw from the implementation of the inthinc solution in our Sunstar fleet were very impressive”, said Mark Postma, CEO of Sunstar and VP of Paramedics Plus. “Our driver’s safety is our top priority, and inthinc’s telematics solution is paramount to our safety goals company-wide.”


After seeing great success in the Sunstar Paramedics sector of the fleet, the decision was approved to deploy inthinc throughout the entire nationwide Paramedics Plus fleet.


“We are very proud that Paramedics Plus and Sunstar selected inthinc as their trusted advisors for driver safety and in-vehicle technology.”, said Paul Shouse, VP of EMS Sales. “For a paramedic or EMT, driving risks are significantly elevated well beyond what the average person will ever experience. Within the telematics industry there is no other company more focused on helping our clients get people safely to and from their destination. It is the core of who we are and what we do.”


Inthinc Technology Solutions Inc. continues to be an industry leader locally and abroad, and looks forward to this opportunity to help Paramedics Plus continue to surpass their safety goals, and support their company’s commitment to excellence in driver safety.

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