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Premier Pest Control Company Takes Proactive Approach to Driver Safety

SALT LAKE CITY - 04/09/2013 - inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a global provider of telematics, fleet management and driver safety technologies,today announced that American Pest, one of the premier pest control companies in the Washington D.C. area, has used inthinc technology to reduce speeding by 88 percent and decrease at-fault vehicle incidents by 75 percent. As part of its aggressive corporate safety strategy, the inthinc solution was installed in all American Pest vehicles to improve driver performance and reduce vehicle idling.

"It is crucial that American Pest represent the standard in driver safety," said Paul Bergmann, director of administration at American Pest. "inthinc has helped strengthen our company culture of safety and produced solid results beyond our expectations."

Through an in-vehicle device, inthinc technology uses a mix of GPS, built-in accelerometers and OBD integration to monitor driver performance and provide real-time verbal alerts to influence driver behavior. Coaching alerts are triggered when an unsafe driving maneuver is performed, including speeding, sharp turning, hard braking and accelerating, or not wearing a seat belt.

When an unsafe maneuver is detected, the violation is communicated wirelessly to the Management Portal - a web-based reporting tool for managers - which outlines vehicle utilization and calculates driver performance scores (1.0 - 5.0) based on individual habits. In the event of speeding or not wearing a seat belt, American Pest drivers are given a 15-second grace period, after the verbal warning, to correct the action before it is reported.

Within one year of installation, the company's seat belt use improved by 97 percent and speeding was reduced by 88 percent. Average idling time was also reduced by 81 percent, yielding significant savings in fuel costs.

"We chose inthinc over other solutions because of its proactive approach to driver safety," said Bergmann. "Having a device in the vehicle to coach drivers in real-time is the most effective way to improve behavior and prevent accidents."

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