The Proactive Approach to Vehicle and Driver Safety

inthinc leads the industry in safety improvement because of its dedicated focus on the driver. Driver behavior contributes to over 90 percent of crashes and while many solutions approach safety with a series of policies and reactive measures, inthinc is the only proactive solution to verbally coach drivers in real-time to form safer driving habits.

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The inthinc Advantage

The only real-time safety solution that detects unsafe behavior and offers coaching before a crash or ticketable offense occurs.

Get the tools for informed safety management with weather alerts, road hazard warnings and immediate incident reports.

Typical Customer Results:

Reduction in Speeding
Reduction in Aggressive Driving
Reduction in Accidents
Reduction in Seat Belt Violations

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  • In-cab Verbal Coaching

    In-cab Verbal Coaching:

    Send automated in-cab verbal alerts in real-time when drivers are speeding or driving aggressively.

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    Driver being coached he's going too quickly
  • Seat Belt Use Alerts

    Seat Belt Use Alerts:

    Ensure drivers are wearing a seat belt while driving by sending alerts to drivers and managers alike.

    Driver fastening seat belt
  • Crash & Roll Over Detection

    Crash & Roll Over Detection:

    Receive instant notification via phone, text or e-mail when a vehicle has been in a crash.

    Manager checking smartphone
  • Speed-by-Street™


    Send automated verbal alerts when drivers exceed the speed limit on any given road segment.

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    Screenshot of speed limit change request
  • Lane Departure & Collision Avoidance

    Lane Departure & Collision Avoidance:

    Alert drivers in real-time if they drift outside their lane, or if their cushion of distance is too small.

    Mobileye showing distance
  • Road Hazard Awareness

    Road Hazard Awareness:

    Allow drivers to communicate with each other regarding hazardous areas including debris, construction and severe weather conditions.

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    Screenshot of Road Hazard setup
  • Emergency Call Button

    Emergency Call Button:

    Stranded drivers can call for help via hands-free cell network communication with a single push of the emergency call button.

    Closeup of emergency call button on waySmart hardware
  • Automated Exception Alerts

    Automated Exception Alerts:

    Receive instant notifications via text, e-mail or phone call when a driver commits a serious violation.

    Manager checking smartphone
  • Driver/Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

    Driver/Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR):

    Create fully customizable vehicle inspection checklists for operators to complete electronically.

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    Screenshot of pre-trip inspection form
  • Driver/Fleet Scoring

    Driver/Fleet Scoring:

    Automate driver/fleet scorecards to identify safe drivers and those in need of additional training.

    Screenshot showing team score chart
  • Work Alone Timer

    Work Alone Timer:

    Allow drivers to set up timers warning management if they do not return to the vehicle within a given time frame.

    Screenshot of setting up a Work Alone Timer
  • Vehicle Inspection Alerts

    Vehicle Inspection Alerts:

    Send timed checklist alerts to remind drivers of pre/post-trip instructions and inspection requirements.

    Screenshot of pre-trip inspection form